Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan 2023 With Rewards and Benefits 


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan 2023 present an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking top-notch employment prospects with streamlined visa procedures. These coveted positions provide a distinct advantage, featuring direct visa sponsorship, lucrative salaries, and an extensive range of benefits catered specifically to foreign workers. Within Japan’s borders reside global powerhouses like Rakuten, Suzuki, Hitachi, Sony, and Mitsubishi, with Toyota even securing an impressive 13th spot on the global revenue rankings. 

Details About Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan 2023 With Full Benefits 

Job Country: Japan – The job is located in Japan, offering opportunities to work and live in the country. 

Job Type: Permanent/Temporary – The job position can be either permanent or temporary, providing flexibility based on the applicant’s preferences and the employer’s needs. 

Visa Type: Work Visa – The required visa for this job is a work visa, allowing the applicant to legally work in Japan. 

Who Can Apply: Applicants from any country – Individuals from any country are eligible to apply for this job, promoting diversity and inclusivity in the application process. 

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List of Japanese Companies that offers Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Japan in 2023  

Please note that this is not a complete list, there may be many other companies in Japan that offer visa sponsorship jobs. 

Japanese renowned companies actively provide exceptional rewards and benefits, ensuring a rewarding experience for all employees.

Here is the List along with the Rewards and Benefits offered by these companies.  

Sony Group:

  • Competitive Pay: Sony Group actively offers competitive pay to its employees, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their work. 
  • Work-Life Balance: The company prioritizes the well-being of its employees by promoting a positive work-life balance. 
  • Generous 401(k) Plan: Sony provides a generous 401(k) plan as part of its national programs, enabling employees to save for their retirement. 
  • Annual 3% Retirement Contribution: Sony contributes an annual 3% to employees’ retirement savings, further supporting their long-term financial security. 
  • Discounts on Sony Products: Employees can enjoy exclusive discounts on a wide range of high-quality Sony products, making them accessible at a more affordable price. 
  • To apply at Sony: 


  • Good Salary Package: Hitachi offers a competitive salary package to its employees, ensuring they are fairly compensated for their work. 
  • Comprehensive Medical Benefits: Employees have comprehensive medical plans covering dental, vision, and prescription drugs for their well-being.
  • Retirement Plans: Hitachi offers retirement plans for employees’ financial security in their retirement. 
  • Family Support Programs: The company provides rewards and discounts for employee and family support programs, promoting a supportive work environment. 
  • To apply at Hitachi: 

Mitsubishi Cooperation  

  • Health Care Plans: Mitsubishi Cooperation provides comprehensive health care plans to ensure the well-being of its employees. 
  • Paid Leaves: Employees are entitled to paid leave, allowing them to take time off while still receiving their regular salary. 
  • Vacation Leaves: Mitsubishi Cooperation offers vacation leaves to allow employees to take time off for leisure and relaxation. 
  • 401(k) Retirement Plans: The company provides 401(k) retirement plans, enabling employees to save and plan for their future retirement. 
  • Employee Life Insurance: Mitsubishi Cooperation offers life insurance coverage for its employees, providing financial protection in case of unfortunate circumstances. 
  • Dependent Life Insurance: Employees can also obtain life insurance coverage for their dependents, ensuring their well-being is protected. 
  • Travel Accident Insurance: Employees are protected by travel accident insurance for work-related travel incidents. 
  • Pay Continuation: In certain situations, the company ensures pay continuation, allowing employees to receive their regular salary during specific circumstances. 
  • Sick/Personal Leaves: Mitsubishi offers sick and personal leave for employee well-being and personal commitments. 
  • Floater Holidays: Employees enjoy floater holidays for personal or religious observances. 
  • Marriage Leave: Employees receive marriage leave to celebrate their special milestones. 
  • To apply at Mitsubishi: 


  • Employee Pension Insurance: Mitsubishi Cooperation supplies employee pension insurance to support their financial security during retirement. 
  • Health Insurance and Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance: The company provides health and accident insurance for employee well-being and safety. 
  • Annual Paid Leave: Employees enjoy annual paid leave for personal time off and vacations. 
  • Bereavement Leave: Mitsubishi Cooperation supplies bereavement leave to support employees during times of loss and mourning. 
  • Commuting Allowance: The company offers a commuting allowance to help employees with transportation costs related to their daily commute. 
  • Retirement Benefit System: The company provides a retirement benefit system for employees’ financial security upon retirement.
  • Welfare Services (Relo Club): Mitsubishi Cooperation offers welfare services through Relo Club, supplying various support and benefits to employees. 
  • To apply at Rakuten: 

Apply for the Japanese Work Visa after a Job Approval 

Secure a job offer in Japan and apply for a Japanese Work Visa to begin your employment. 

The Japanese Government offers many types of work visas. You must choose the right type of Visa depending on your job requirements, and nature. 

For Work Visa Information:

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