UNESCO World Heritage Forum 2023 in Saudi Arabia: A Celebration of Global Cultural Heritage


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the UNESCO World Heritage Forum 2023, taking place in the captivating country of Saudi Arabia. The Forum, organized in collaboration with the Heritage Committee and UNESCO, promises an immersive experience where participants can engage in meaningful discussions, forge connections, and explore the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. 

Purpose of UNESCO World Heritage Forum 2023 in Saudi Arabia 

The purpose of the UNESCO World Heritage Forum 2023 in Saudi Arabia is to bring together experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world to celebrate and safeguard our planet’s cultural heritage. 

Who can apply 

  • Young people, educators, and heritage experts worldwide seeking new roles in heritage conservation. 
  • Those studying or working in the fields of heritage, archaeology, architecture, conservation, cultural tourism, digital technology, environmental science, history, law, landscape architecture, museum studies, planning, public policy, restoration, sustainable development, and urban planning. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Age Requirement for Participants 

23-32 years 


The English test is not mandatory for application; however, a high level of English fluency is strongly preferred. 

Invitation Period

September 3-12, 2023 


Riyadh and the Al-Ahsa Oasis. 


Fully Funded 10-Day Forum 

Forum Theme  

“Looking Ahead: The Next 50 Years of Protecting Natural and Cultural Heritage.” 

Total number of Participants 


Application Deadline: 

June 4, 2023, at 23:59 CET 

 Expenses Covered 

All expenses such as Travel assistance, Visa Support, Economy Flight Airfare, Meals, Accommodation, and Trips will be fully covered by the UNESCO World Heritage Forum. 

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Extension of Stay 

If a participant wishes to extend their stay beyond September 13, 2023, they will be responsible for covering all associated costs. It is essential to notify the host country in advance to facilitate the required arrangements. 

Key Attractions at the Forum

1. Engaging in Panel Discussions and Workshops 

2. Captivating Exhibitions Showcasing Heritage Sites 

3. Cultural Performances and Celebrations 

4. Networking Opportunities 

Application Process: 

To apply for the UNESCO World Heritage Young Professionals Forum, interested candidates must complete and submit the online application form. Selected candidates will be informed through email. Please use the provided link below to access the application form: 

Click This to Apply

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