Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2023: An Unmissable Opportunity for International Students


The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan is pleased to announce the prestigious Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2023-24. This scholarship program aims to attract talented and ambitious foreign applicants from around the world to pursue full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs in Kazakhstan. With a total of 550 scholarships available, this is an exceptional opportunity for aspiring students to experience a high-quality education and immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Kazakhstan. 

Total No of Scholarship Allocation 

The Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2023 offers a diverse range of scholarships in the following degree programs: 

  1. Bachelor’s degree program: A total of 490 scholarships are allocated for undergraduate studies. 
  1. Master’s degree program: There are 50 scholarships available for graduate studies. 
  1. Ph.D. degree program: 10 scholarships are specifically designated for doctoral studies. 

Advantages of the Scholarship 

The Kazakhstan Government Scholarship provides a comprehensive package of benefits to successful applicants: 

  • Full Tuition Fee Coverage: The scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, ensuring that recipients can pursue their studies without financial burden. 
  • Monthly Allowance: In addition to the tuition fee coverage, students will receive a monthly allowance to support their living expenses during their studies in Kazakhstan. 

Please note that the scholarship does not cover airfare tickets, accommodation, visa expenses, or medical expenses. 

List of Participating Universities 

A total of 36 esteemed universities in Kazakhstan are participating in the implementation of the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship. These universities have earned renown for their academic excellence and offer a wide range of programs across various disciplines.

Click here for 36 Participating Universities

Required Documents for Bachelor’s Degree 

To apply for a bachelor’s degree program under the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship, applicants must prepare and submit the following documents: 

  1. Identity Document:
    • A valid identification document, such as a passport, proving the applicant’s nationality and personal details. 
  1. Previous Educational Documents:
    • Documents related to the applicant’s previous level of education, including transcripts and certificates. Applicants must translate these documents into Kazakh, Russian, or English and have them notarized. 
  1. Motivational Essay:
    • A well-written essay in English, Russian, or Kazakh, explaining the applicant’s motivation to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Kazakhstan. 
  1. Letter of Recommendation:
    • A letter of recommendation from the educational institution where the applicant studied or from their employer, highlighting their academic achievements and potential. 
  1. Medical Certificate:
    • A comprehensive medical certificate issued by the official health authority of the applicant’s country of residence, confirming their good health and including the necessary test results and certifications. 
  1. Application Form:
    • The completed application form provides accurate and detailed information about the applicant. 
  1. Letter of Invitation:
    • If available, a letter of invitation from a Kazakhstani university expressing interest in the applicant’s admission. 

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Required Documents for Master’s Degree and PhD 

For applicants interested in pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree under the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship, the following additional documents are required: 

  1. Proof of English Language Proficiency: Applicants must provide an international certificate demonstrating their proficiency in the English language. Accepted certificates include IELTS Academic, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL PBT, or equivalents in other languages such as German or French. 
  1. Two Letters of Recommendation: Two letters of recommendation from previous educational institutions or employers, attesting to the applicant’s academic capabilities, research potential, and suitability for the chosen program. 
  1. Research Topic Justification: Ph.D. applicants must provide a well-substantiated justification for their chosen dissertation research topic in either Kazakh, Russian, or English. 

Deadline and Application Process 

The deadline for submitting online applications and all required documents for the Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2023 is June 30, 2023. Please note that the scholarship program does not accept late applications, so we encourage applicants to complete the application process well in advance of the deadline.

Online application procedure 

  1. Create an Account on the official Website 
  1. Log in to Account. 
  1. Fill out the application form. 
  1. Online interviews will be conducted using the Zoom App. 


The Kazakhstan Government Scholarship 2023 presents an exceptional opportunity for international students to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree programs in renowned universities in Kazakhstan. With a wide range of benefits, including full tuition fee coverage and a monthly allowance, the scholarship aims to support talented individuals in their educational journey. 

For detailed information and to begin the application process, please visit the official scholarship website. Take advantage of this unmissable opportunity and make your educational aspirations a reality in the vibrant and welcoming country of Kazakhstan. 


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